MAN i’m sorry it took me so long to do these, moving out was way more stressful than i anticipated
but thank you for requesting, i did have a lot of fun with these once i got around to it uwu

also i hope you enjoy the … bonus image

1. i based their costumes off of queen elizabeth and robert dudley
3. sorry for a weird interpretation of your prompt but i was thinking that if lemongrab had created peebs, she would have been made as a child and he would raise her up to be his heir. i think she’d then eventually leave when she became sick of lemongrab’s lifestyle to create her own kingdom, leaving behind a very lonely lemongrab. once she’d become more mature and understood his loneliness, she’d return to lemon castle with a young lemongrab2 that she created to be his companion and heir.

Posted on 3月 06, 2013
Tagged: #lemongrab #earl of lemongrab #Adventure Time #drawing #cosyart

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