finally coloured her, yay!

i also came up with a bit about her:
her species is referred to as the crying clops, because they cannot fully close their eyes, so they constantly water to keep them wet and hydrated. they can live both in and out of water but time spent out of water is limited, because their skin and eye could dry out. her species usually eat humans (they lure them in by playing dead on the beach, people mistake their silhouette for another person and then are hypnotised by their eyeball, after which they’re dragged under the water and drowned) but this particular one doesn’t. she mostly just sits in rock pools and eats lettuce all day. she stole her knickers from some poor woman’s beach bag

she doesn’t have a name yet though. help? (`・ω・´)?

Posted on 4月 09, 2013
Tagged: #monster girl #cyclops #character design #cosyart #drawing #illustration

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